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7 good professional resolutions to take in 2021

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Finally ! This disastrous year 2020 has bowed out! We just have to hope that 2021 is better. Or, at least, that it is not worse!

The good news is the resilience the Warangal real estate market has shown over the past year . He fought like a hell of a devil to resist the crisis. Despite the obstinate attacks on its integrity - successive confinements, social distancing, ban on welcoming the public in agencies and organizing visits - the market is far from having suffered the disaster announced.

Nevertheless, 2021 must be approached with caution - and even with a tinge of suspicion. Although we are promised a "return to normal" by the summer thanks to the vaccines being deployed, caution must remain. Because there is nothing to prove that Hyderabad real estate agencies will not be forced to close their doors again, and your prospects and clients will be forced to postpone their project indefinitely.

No question, therefore, of releasing the pressure . No question of pretending 2021 is going to roll out the red carpet for real estate professionals.

In short, now is the perfect time to make good resolutions that will help you navigate serenely throughout 2021 - and anticipate the storms that threaten to capsize you. To guide you as well as possible, the Facilogi team has selected 7 professional resolutions to take (and apply) without delay .

1. Organize your schedule as well as possible

We know that whatever the profession practiced, good organization is often the key to success. This is even more the case for real estate professions, generally multitasking. Between administration, prospecting, marketing, follow-up of prospects and current mandates, communication with customers, visits, support, and so on, it can become really complicated to get by.

The solution ? Segment your tasks and give them a specific place in your schedule . Ideally, depending on your preferences. Do you prefer to beat the countryside in the first part of the day? Stall your prospecting sessions in the morning. Administration has little appeal to you? Book 15 minutes a day, as soon as you arrive at the agency, to get rid of it and breathe the rest of the day.

Don't be greedy: a well-organized day is a busy day, but not too busy either, in order to leave room for the unexpected . Allow sufficient time to complete what you have started. And, above all, do not let yourself be distracted by what is going on around you: answering a phone call is yes (it may be a motivated salesperson); answering non-urgent emails while you are working on something else is no. 

2. Get the right real estate tools

Better organization also requires the adoption of the right real estate tools . These tools are far from being a staple: they allow you to simplify your processes and automate some of your recurring tasks, so you can spend more time on what really matters.

Beyond the classic CRM and mailing platforms, we can only recommend that you taste the pleasures of real estate marketing software which, as its name does not quite suggest, allows you to optimize your sessions as well. prospecting than its marketing actions. These are also two sides of the same coin. It is also an opportunity to remind all real estate professionals that in 2021, prospecting will remain as essential as in past years, if not more so : because it is only by prospecting that we enter mandates. 

Good thing : Prospeneo , our new marketing and prospecting tool, is coming soon!

3. Stay close to your prospects and customers 

Among the lessons to be learned from 2020, there is the importance of monitoring and supporting prospects and customers (sellers or buyers).

Remember, in March as in November, during times of lockdown: if you didn't have any current mandates and prospects on fire, you had nothing to do other than bemoan the crisis . Conversely, the professionals who remained close to their interlocutors were able to continue their work, although in a different way.- It is therefore essential to stay close to your prospects and customers in all circumstances . To hear from them regularly , even if you don't have a common project in progress. To worry about their well-being. To remind you of their fond memories on every occasion

birthdays, births, etc. You are not an ordinary service provider, but a local merchant who must participate in the life of his customers as well as that of his municipality and his neighborhood.

In the same vein, show yourself available . Although it is impossible to answer present 24/7, you can organize your time in order to listen to messages left on the answering machine, answer SMS, emails and private messages on social networks, contact them again. Internet users who have filled out a form on your website, etc. On the phone, take the time to talk to your interlocutors, if necessary by shifting tasks. Prospects and clients will greatly appreciate your availability and responsiveness

that's what they expect from a real estate agent .

4. Make every effort to retain your portfolio of prospects and customers

Loyalty is a powerful marketing lever, although too often overlooked. And we're not just talking about retaining existing customers, those who have already sold / bought

and who are likely to set up a new project in the years to come.- In fact, we can just as easily retain prospects , and it is even a determining aspect of your job as a real estate agent or negotiator: because a loyal prospect will follow the news of your brand, regularly read the articles published on your blog (if you have a blog

if not, it is high time to get started), talk about you around him (even if he has not yet benefited from your services: you can appreciate a real estate brand without provided that you have been the client), etc.

Of course, such work to build loyalty and marketing monitoring requires relying on suitable software , making it possible to collect data and segment information relating to prospects and customers. And to deploy the right communication tools: emailing, telephone reminders, organization of events, sponsorship operations, etc.

5. Stay informed about developments in the real estate industry and the local market

It is said that knowledge is a weapon. In real estate, it is above all a lever for acquiring mandates! Because your sales prospects are sensitive to your expertise, your know-how and your mastery of the subject which concerns them directly. To build their trust - and, more importantly, to decide to hand over the keys to their sales project

they need to make sure that you know exactly what you are doing.- But to answer their questions and their expectations, to erase their doubts, you must know your field of activity inside out . And, for that, to stay informed continuously, to know exactly what is happening at the moment T on the real estate planet.- For example, if a candidate for purchase contacts you to discuss his rental investment project and his interest in Pinel, you will need to be able to reassure him ("this is the right time: the Pinel law has been extended. until 31 December 2024), but also to give him details that could impact the project ( "by cons, homes are removed from the device to the 1 st January"). In this case, this information, like many others - extension of the PTZ, replacement of RT 2012 by RE 2020 for new constructions, reform of the calculation of APL

is part of the changes recorded by the finance law for 2021. .

The real estate market in your area should not be neglected , on the contrary: it is what interests your local prospects first and foremost. A homeowner wants to know what properties are selling for and at what prices, a buyer wants to get an idea of ​​which properties he can target. An excellent mastery of these questions fosters confidence and strengthens the local anchoring of your brand .

6. Read more books to boost your real estate business

In the age of the triumphant Internet, the book object can readily seem out of date. But it is far from being the case.

It's true that it's easier to read articles online, browse newsletters or launch videos. However, it is more than ever essential to immerse yourself in books , and to benefit from longer, more serious, more qualitative and more enriching readings

in a format that helps to take a step back and to save time for reflection. . Nothing like opening a good book about marketing or legal developments relating to real estate to fill up on information and ideas!

The problem, you might say, is time. But you've always had time: you've only occupied it with Facebook, YouTube and Netflix. We now have to put things back in order. Try to identify niches suitable for reading , if possible in a calm environment (by drinking your coffee in the morning, during the lunch break, the evening before bedtime instead of plunging your eyes into the screens ...), and you (re) get used to reading.- But read what, exactly? During lockdown last spring, we put together a list of relevant reading for real estate professionals. You can find the article in question on this link .

7. Take care of yourself to work better

We'll end this list of real estate resolutions for 2021 by talking about you - yes, you, and your physical and mental health . We recommend that you take care of yourself in two ways: by doing physical activity and by sleeping better.

Isn't that really the point? Well of course. We are even right in the subject! Because your well-being depends on the success of your real estate business .

Take up sports, for starters . We have counted the studies that show how important sporting activity is to improve well-being and efficiency at work . The regular practice of a physical activity makes it possible to be in better health, to guard against a whole battery of diseases (diabetes, obesity, heart problems), to reduce the risks of developing a depressive state, psychosocial worries or musculoskeletal disorders. In short, you feel better in your body and in your job. Especially when you are forced to work at home and you no longer have the opportunity to move as much as usual during the day (who said " telework "?).

Playing a sport is therefore an excellent resolution, professional as well as personal . You can, for example, subscribe to a gym (as soon as the clubs reopen), practice a group activity with your employees (to boost your motivation), or simply take up good daily habits that are not too restrictive (the stairs rather than the elevator, stretching in the morning, a running outing once a week, a brisk walk every Sunday…).

Get some sleep, then . It is the key to a good physical and psychological balance . Because waking fatigue does not go away during the day

even when you swallow a dose of coffee equivalent to Ethiopia's monthly production

it is even likely to worsen and rob you of your concentration at the worst possible time. (during a customer meeting, at random). On the contrary, provided you are in great shape, you will be able to accomplish feats during your workday and your good looks will make your interlocutors want to follow you to the end.

How to sleep better? Go to bed earlier, at set times, based on your ideal sleep cycle (not everyone has the same sleep time needs, and not everyone is made to get up with it? hens). By leaving aside screens one to two hours before bedtime, because they excite the brain. By practicing a bit of meditation just before slipping under the duvet. And by practicing physical activity during the day, just to be (naturally) tired in the evening.

How to apply good real estate resolutions?

Do not deny it: your good resolutions, taken in the enthusiasm of the 1 st January tend to crumble quickly and give way to old habits. At best, they last a month before melting like snow as soon as the sun shows the tip of its nose. And every year, it's exactly the same story. Result, you no longer want to take resolutions - what's the point?

The secret is not only to make resolutions, it is also to apply them by adopting the right reflexes:- Make yourself a suitable schedule . Write down your resolutions on your schedule, making specific time slots. By integrating them into your daily life, you will more easily make good habits of them.

Go gradually . You don't make lasting change by going like a wild animal, the same way you don't lose weight by eating a hyper-strict diet of lettuce and tofu. It takes patience to make a real shift in the way you operate

this is true on a professional level, but also on a personal level.

Keep your resolutions in sight . By posting a list on your desk, or on a wall of the agency so that everyone can see it

so that you cannot scroll, since your collaborators will be the first judges of your progress.- Adopt several resolutions . Good resolutions concerning the operation of your brand or the organization of work concern all employees. By inviting the whole team to participate, you will gain in motivation and emulation.- The Facilogi team will remain by your side throughout 2021, as it did in 2020. You can count on us to encourage you to keep your good resolutions ... and help you boost your Apartment real estate business .